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Climate Change, Summit ONU (New York) e G20 (Pittsburgh) | 22-25 settembre 2009

di - 3 Ottobre 2009
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vi)   Some say tackling climate change is too expensive. They are wrong. The opposite is true. We will pay an unacceptable price if we do not act now.
vii) The climate negotiations are proceeding too slow. The world’s glaciers are now melting faster than human progress to protect them – and us (…). Instead of demanding concessions from others, let us ask how we can contribute to the greater good. A successful deal in Copenhagen will mean more prosperity, more security, more equity. It will expand the pie for all.
viii)  Let us be clear about the signposts for success at Copenhagen and beyond. First, a successful deal must involve all countries working toward a common, long-term goal to limit global temperature rise to safe levels consistent with science. It will include ambitious emission reduction targets from industrialized countries by 2020. It will include actions by developing countries to limit the growth of their emissions while they grow sustainably. They will need substantial financial and technological support to achieve this. It will also address all major sources of greenhouse gases, including deforestation and emissions from shipping and aviation.
ix)   A deal must make available the full range of public and private resources, so developing countries can pursue low-emissions growth, as well as adapt. It must provide a framework that will unlock private investment, including through the carbon markets. (…) a successful deal must include an equitable global governance structure that addresses the needs of developing countries.
x)    Copenhagen offers a new path. It can catalyze a global economy based on low-emissions growth that can strengthen sustainable development and lift billions out of poverty.
xi)   Success in Copenhagen will have positive ripple effects for global cooperation on trade, energy, security and health.

Al termine di lavori del G20 riunitosi a Pittsburgh il 24-25 settembre 2009 è stato diffuso il “Leaders Statement” che, con riferimento alle tematiche ambientali, contiene alcune importanti dichiarazioni. Riportiamo nel seguito le più significative:

i)     We will spare no effort to reach agreement in Copenhagen through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations.
ii)    Increasing clean and renewable energy supplies, improving energy efficiency, and promoting conservation are critical steps to protect our environment, promote sustainable growth and address the threat of climate change. Accelerated adoption of economically sound clean and renewable energy technology and energy efficiency measures diversifies our energy supplies and strengthens our energy security.
iii)  We commit to:
–      Stimulate investment in clean energy, renewables, and energy efficiency and provide financial and technical support for such projects in developing countries.
–     Take steps to facilitate the diffusion or transfer of clean energy technology including by conducting joint research and building capacity. The reduction or elimination of barriers to trade and investment in this area are being discussed and should be pursued on a voluntary basis and in appropriate fora.
iv)   As leaders of the world’s major economies, we are working for a resilient, sustainable, and green recovery. We underscore anew our resolve to take strong action to address the threat of dangerous climate change. We reaffirm the objective, provisions, and principles of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC ), including common but differentiated responsibilities. We note the principles endorsed by Leaders at Major Economies Forum in L’Aquila, Italy. We will intensify our efforts, in cooperation with other parties, to reach agreement in Copenhagen through the UNFCCC negotiation.


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